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June Specials! 10% off Dry Brushing + Warm Oil Massage

Dry brushing is an ancient practice that increases and redirects the flow of lymph, blood, & energy; all of which benefit multiple tissue & channel systems:

- Lymph: detoxes, increases circulation

- Skin: exfoliates, improves tone

- Blood: ozonates (increases oxygen)

- Mind: energizes mind & mood

The transition from Spring to Summer is the perfect time of year to help your body get things moving (including toxins that are more easily stored in adipose tissue in colder months).

Ayurveda's version, called Garshana ("gar-shun-uh", utilizes raw silk gloves and calming rhythmic strokes to elicit numerous health benefits on and below the surface.

The invigorating and exfoliating garshana therapy is followed by a traditional nourishing, soothing, warm oil massage, called Abhyanga. If you've never tried it, you must! It has been described by some of our patients as "delicious," "life-changing," and "more helpful for stress & anxiety than any other bodywork."

A Garshana + Abhyanga session will leave you feeling a unique blend of blissed out, fresh, grounded, and invigorated.

Treat yourself or someone you love (how about all those mommas out there?!). Take advantage of 10% off of a 60 or 90 min session through the end of May.

Call or email our front desk to purchase/schedule:


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