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Carley Squires, ND, LAc

Naturopathic Physician


Regenerative Medicine and Joint Injection

Stem Cell Therapy and Plasma Apheresis

Conditions Dr. Squires Treats:

  • Chronic Joint and Body Pain

  • Multisystem Complex and Chronic Diseases

  • Lifecycle Medicine

  • Medicine for the Mind and Head

  • Neuroinflamatory Conditions (often in conjunction with your local neurologist)

  • Gut Health

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Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Squires’ goal is to limit the impact of disease and degeneration while restoring the body through the integration of cutting-edge modern medicine, science, and technology with the wisdom of traditional medicine providing the most efficient and effective therapies the field of naturopathic and regenerative medicine has to offer.


As a naturopathic doctor specializing in integrative and regenerative medicine, Dr. Squires utilizes the healing power of nature by recognizing and promoting an inherent self-healing process and removing any obstacles prohibiting the body to heal. Dr. Squires has been trained in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine and has a special interest in applied channel theory and constitutional acupuncture.


All of Dr. Squires' extensive training emphasizes individualized medicine focusing on addressing the root cause of pain and imbalance.


She facilitates therapies to support the body’s need to detoxify, modulate inflammation, strengthen the digestive system, balance hormones, regulate the nervous system and build a healthy immune system--which are all cornerstones to maximizing healing and maintaining health. 


Dr. Squires educates patients so they can be in charge of their own health and healing. Dr. Squires collaborates with patients to eliminate or decrease pain and illness, so they can live less inhibited and freer lives.


Dr. Carley Squires is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor receiving her Naturopathic Doctorate and her Master of Science in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Bastyr University.


Dr. Squires specializes in integrative neurology, chronic pain, sports medicine, hypermobility spectrum disorders (HSD/EDS), craniocervical instability (CCI), dysautonomia, autoimmunity, and MCAS/immune dysregulation.


She is licensed as a Naturopathic Physician, having earned both her Naturopathic Doctorate and Master of Science in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Bastyr University. Dr. Squires is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine, the advanced regenerative medicine institute, the Acupuncture Association of Washington, and the American Association of Restorative Medicine. She is currently part of an Integrative Neurology Fellowship program through AARM.

Price of Consultation and Treatment Plan

Initial visit - $600 for 60 minutes  |  Follow up visit - $400 hourly  |  Focused Pain Consultation - $300 for 45 minutes

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