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Ayurvedic Consultation & Treatment

Explore our Ayurvedic offerings, based on age-old wellness principles and modern day medicine.

New to Ayurveda? We recommend starting with one of the following:


If you are curious to know more about your unique constitution and imbalances, and the appropriate diet, lifestyle, herbs, and mental patterning (and possible Ayurvedic treatments), consider a 90-minute Ayurvedic Consultation as a way to dive deep. All consultations can be local or remote (online).

For a lighter version, consider our Me Time Tonic which concludes with the clinician making either a personalized aromatherapy blend or a cooking spice blend (or both!) for you to use in your daily life and travels. 

If you are interested in an extensive detoxification cleanse and reset procedure for whole health renovation and restoration, please complete this inquiry form to book our Detox, Reset & Nourish: Five Day Panchakarma. There's a One Day option available as well.


1. Ayurvedic Consultation - Virtual or In-Person

A personalized consultation with an Ayurvedic practitioner who will assess your body, mind and emotions, your health history and all current concerns, as well as your health goals (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually).

Ayurvedic Medical Consultation      
Initial Visit: $500 for 90 minutes    

Follow-up Visit: $200 for 30 minutes

Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Consultation      
Initial Visit: $350 for 90 minutes    

Follow-up Visit: $200 for 60 minutes  |  $150 for 50 minutes

The Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Consultation activates the ancient and holistic Ayurvedic system to thoughtfully address any concerns, symptoms, or goals you have by getting to the root of the issue(s), offering a realistic and personalized wellness plan to include: nutrition (a nourishing, individualized paradigm), lifestyle, Ayurvedic herbs, aligning with your circadian rhythm, daily routines, breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation, and/or body work/therapies. Ultimately, we will help you identify the things that will either support or hinder your path towards balance, ease, and joy.

2. Me Time Tonic - Virtual or In-Person

Tonic: “a medicinal substance taken to give a feeling of vigor or well-being.”

After a brief Ayurvedic consult you will learn what dosha(s) or energy patterns are out of balance and then receive a plant medicine tool to help restore balance each day. Whenever you use your tonic, you are saying “yes” to a little “me time.”

Virtual and in-person appointment options available, and for virtual consults, $10 will be added for shipping.

A. Me Time Cooking Tonic - spice blend to cook with

This powdered spice blend can be used while cooking, or conveniently added afterwards (i.e. sprinkled on soups, sauteed veggies, salads, eggs, avocado toast, etc.). Ayurveda uses spices as medicine to support agni (digestive fire), immunity, doshas (energy patterns), and all the systems and channels of the mind-body. Spicing food makes it more digestible (which can help alleviate digestive symptoms AND improve nutrient absorption and assimilation) and increases meal satiety, helping to reduce cravings after and between meals.

B. Me Time Marma Tonic - essential oil roll-on

For daily or acute use on marma points (vital energy points) or pulse points to promote balanced doshas (energy patterns) and address specific concerns/goals, taking into account any sensitivities you may have. You might choose this option to target headaches, focus/concentration, stress relief, anxiety relief, low energy, or just general mood or doshic support. Sneha means both “oil” and “love” in Sanskrit. When anointing yourself with oil, you are engaging with both the giving and receiving of your own loving attention.

One Tonic         $120

Both Tonics      $170


3. Ayurvedic Massage

​Explore our ayurvedic massage treatments & offerings, based on age-old wellness principles and modern day medicine.

Rejuvenate: Abhyanga

Melt into abhyanga, Ayurveda’s traditional warm oil massage. This luxurious full-body therapy can profoundly calm your nervous system, dissolve stress, improve circulation, and redirect proper energy flow.

$165 60 minute treatment

$225 90 minute treatment


Relieve Pain: Abhyanga + Pinda Sweda

Heated herbal boluses are used throughout the abhyanga to address inflamed joints or other musculoskeletal pain, tension, or stiffness. A new bolus is made for a patient’s first treatment, but is reused repeatedly for future treatments, as the herbs get more potent/effective with time (as the oil from the massage works its way into the middle of the bolus). Most people experience relief and increased mobility after their 1st session, which is reinforced with repeated treatments.

$175 60 minute treatment

$235 90 minute treatment


Restore: Abhyanga + Shirodhara

Enjoy this relaxing and restorative abhyanga warm oil massage followed by shirodhara, a warm stream of herbal oil on the forehead and scalp. This ancient nourishing treatment is wonderful for deep healing, with special benefit to the nervous system and sleep issues.

$185 60 minute treatment - 30 minutes abhy + 30 minutes shiro

$245 90 minute treatment - 60 minutes abhy + 60 minutes shiro

$295 120 minute treatment - 90 minutes abhy + 30 minutes shiro


Release: Abhyanga + Basti

Release and settle into this warm abhyanga oil massage and external basti treatment. Whole wheat and/or chickpea flour dough (gluten/wheat free) is made into a ‘moat’ (basti) on an area of the body that needs attention, where pain, discomfort, or stagnation is present. This moat is filled with warm herbal oil or ghee (essential oils optional) for deep local healing and releasing of pain, tension, or stagnation. Most common areas are netra basti (eyes), hrid basti (heart, over the sternum), kati basti (lower back/adrenal), janu (knee), jatru (neck - thyroid), or on the abdomen (GI or reproductive support).

$185 60 minute treatment - 30 minutes abhy + 30 minutes basti

$265 105 minute treatment - 75 minutes abhy + 30 minutes basti


Reinvigorate: Abhyanga + Garshana

Enliven your tissues with this invigorating Ayurvedic treatment. Garshana is full body brushing massage using raw silk gloves to stimulate lymph flow, ozonate blood, invigorate mind and body, and gently exfoliate skin. It is  followed by abhyanga, a traditional Ayurvedic warm oil massage, to nourish and support the revitalized tissues. Garshana is particularly helpful during late winter or spring to help alleviate feelings of sluggishness in your mind-body.

$165 60 minute treatment - 20 minutes garshana + 40 minutes abhy

$265 90 minute treatment - 20 minutes garshana + 70 minutes abhy


Nurture: Postpartum Massage

This gentle, nourishing massage with customized warm herbal oils supports your unique healing process after giving birth, however your precious baby was delivered. Ancient Ayurvedic texts recommend postpartum oil massage daily, to support the physical, emotional, and spiritual shifts occurring during this sacred but often challenging time.


After your session, your Ayurvedic practitioner can recommend an oil blend and briefly guide you through a self-massage routine that you can continue at home to amplify your healing process.

$180 80 minute treatment

Warm Compress

Relief: Integrative Cupping Massage

Clients can expect a holistic and nurturing deep tissue massage, whether you’re seeking relaxation or treatment focused work to address root causes of pain, tension, stress, anxiety, or physical limitations. This treatment offers fluid incorporation of Chinese Meridian Cupping, Ayurvedic massage, Swedish massage, and Ayurvedic Marma therapy (acupressure), while using organic Ayurvedic herbal oils based on the patient’’s needs.

$165 60 minute treatment 

$225 90 minute treatment 


Calm: Children's Massage / Reiki

Nourishing the child with massage + reiki can greatly benefit their growth, calming the nervous system through all stages of childhood.

$100 60 minute treatment 


Marma Therapy

In Ayurvedic medicine, marma points are anatomical locations in your body where a concentration of life energy exists. Marma points are said to contain the three doshas, vata (air +space), kapha (earth + water) and pitta (fire + water). These doshas are believed to be linked to your physical and emotional well-being.

This Ayurvedic acupressure points massage focuses on nourishing the marma points within your body that need extra attention for overall healing.

$150 60 minute treatment 


4. Neuroveda Facials Featuring Hydropeptides®

Our facials blend the eastern Ayurvedic practices with modern science. Experience something one of a kind. A facial with state-of-the-art HydroPeptide® products the nourish, heal, and rejuvenate your skin. Your facial will not only make your skin glow but will leave you completely relaxed and ready to face the world. Our practitioner uses the Ayurveda principles to create an experience like no other.


Neuropeptide Science:
Chief geneticist, Dr. Neal Kitchen, applied the principles of epigenetics, molecular signaling and aging mechanisms to create groundbreaking skin care formulas that impact your skin at a cellular level. Our facials give you access to a professional skincare line powered by patented peptide technology and tested in treatment rooms worldwide for results beyond the surface. NeuroPeptide products are cruelty-free and clinically clean without parabens, sulfates or phthalates. Production is within a lab-type setting in order to maintain the highest quality starting with the cleanest ingredients. Creating groundbreaking skincare formulas that impact cellular health and targeting aging mechanisms at the molecular level.

Anti-Aging Facial

Facial is designed to repair and restore fatigued, sun damaged, or mature skin. Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves texture, and infuses skin with powerful antioxidants, polyphenols, and natural alpha hydroxy acids.

Facial includes a deep cleanse, custom peel on face, mask on hands, facial massage with healing balm to reduce redness and puffiness, custom serum and finishing moisturizer.

$150 60 minute facial 

$420 Package of Three (3) 60 minute facials 

$200 90 minute facial - includes extensive feet, hand, neck, shoulder massage to create maximum relaxation

$570 Package of Three (3) 90 minute facials 


Detox Facial

Detoxify, firm, and lift. Peptides, antioxidants, and biomolecules to encourage healthy cell turnover, provide powerful protection from free radicals while nourishing your skin and infusing it with plumping hydration.

Facial includes a deep cleanse, custom mask on face and hands, head massage with light oil, facial massage with healing balm to reduce redness and puffiness, custom serum, deep moisture reset and finishing moisturizer.

$170 60 minute facial 

$480 Package of Three (3) 60 minute facials 

$220 90 minute facial - includes extensive feet, hand, neck, shoulder massage to create maximum relaxation

$630 Package of Three (3) 90 minute facials 


Radiance Facial

This brightening and moisturizing facial combines AHA’s, enzymes, collagen and natural skin brighteners to reveal skin that is soft, even and glowing. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boosts barrier protection, fades hyperpigmentation, nourishes skin for a healthy glow.

Facial includes a deep cleanse, custom mask on face and hands, head massage with light oil, face massage with healing balm, custom serum and finishing moisturizer.

$200 60 minute facial 

$570 Package of Three (3) 60 minute facials 

$250 90 minute facial - includes extensive feet, hand, neck, shoulder massage to create maximum relaxation

$720 Package of Three (3) 90 minute facials 


Clarifying Facial

Simultaneously clarify, exfoliate and draw out impurities while nourishing skin for an immediate radiant glow. Dissolves dead skin and encourages cell turnover for thorough chemical exfoliation with no down time. Balance excess oil, fights acne bacteria, helps fade hyperpigmentation, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.


Facial includes a deep cleanse, custom peel on face and mask on hands, head massage with light oil, face massage with healing balm to reduce redness and puffiness, custom serum and finishing moisturizer.

$165 60 minute facial 

$465 Package of Three (3) 60 minute facials 

$215 90 minute facial - includes extensive feet, hand, neck, shoulder massage to create maximum relaxation

$615 Package of Three (3) 90 minute facials 


5. Revive & Nourish: One Day Mini Pancha Karma (PK)

This one day of rejuvenation includes: a 30 min wellness intake as you sip herbal tea and relax into a warm epsom salt foot bath, a customized warm oil massage (abhyanga), full-body steam, basti or pinda sweda (localized treatment for pain or stagnation) + shirodhara (warm stream of oil on the forehead and scalp.

$485 3.5 hours of treatment

This can be a helpful warm-up to the full Five Day Pancha Karma (PK) experience, provide maintenance between yearly routine pancha karmas, or it can simply support you in times of stress or overextension.


6. Detox, Reset & Nourish: Five Day Pancha Karma (PK)

Hit the reset button on your mind & body with this 5-day traditional detox & rejuvenation program. Our Ayurvedic practitioner(s) will be tending to you daily with: a daily wellness assessment as you sip herbal tea and relax into a warm epsom salt and detoxifying mustard foot bath, a customized warm oil massage (abhyanga), full-body steam, basti (localized treatment for pain or stagnation), shirodhara (warm stream of oil on the forehead and scalp) + other customized healing therapies depending on your symptoms or goals. Our service also includes initial and follow-up Ayurvedic consultations and a collection of custom herbs & supplies to take home.

Pancha Karma is used for a wide range of benefits, including: improved gut health, reproductive health, immune function, sleep quality and quantity, nervous system and brain health, preventative medicine, balances the metabolism, and supports increased awareness and cellular intelligence. Many people experience newfound mental clarity, improved GI function, grounded, stable energy, less bouts of illness, and even a restored sense of joy. The treatment can move stubborn emotional blockages including depression, anger, and self-destructive thoughts. It sharpens the five senses: taste, sight, hearing, smell and touch.

$3500* Includes 5 days of hands-on therapies (3-4 hours/day) + all supplies, oils, and herbs + 3 Consults**

  1. Initial consult to determine your imbalances, concerns, and goals

  2. Once your customized plan is designed, we will meet again to go over the plan and answer any questions or concerns you might have, making sure you feel fully prepared and supported before you begin your Purva Karma (preparatory phase).

  3. Post-pancha karma follow-up consult to discuss how you’re doing after the pancha karma and to make adjustments to your protocol if needed.


**We are delighted to offer a complimentary phone call to help determine if panchakarma is right for you, and to answer any questions you might have. It would be a true honor to guide you through this ancient and most healing experience. 

*Consults can be conducted virtually or in-person

Purva Karma: 5-10 Days of Preparation (At Home)

Includes a simplified but deeply nourishing, detoxifying, and satisfying diet, taking into account the season and each client’s individual needs. This phase also entails daily self-care rituals, cleansing practices, and taking detoxifying herbs. While you can still work and tend to life and family during this phase, your energy will likely start to wane, and mild detox symptoms might occur, though the goal is to minimize this as much as possible. A general slowing down is recommended, as this is a time to direct energy inward. This is a time to create space for deep healing.

What is PK?

It is a period of time you dedicate to the nourishment of your body, mind and consciousness by retreating from your external life and focusing on your health.

Who should do PK?

Any person seeking a clearer mind and improved energy. Also ideal for anyone with health concerns including deep disease, both physical and emotional.

How does it work?

Like how oil cleans and softens impurities in wood, an Ayurvedic practitioner chooses your oil treatments to gently soften and eliminate toxins through the body’s natural channels.

Pouring Massage Oil

7. Breathwork Consultation: Pranayama - Virtual or In-Person

During a personalized consultation, you will learn how to use your breath to influence and balance the physical and energetic channels in your unique mind-body. We consider any physical or mental health challenges you might be experiencing, such as stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, GI discomfort, low energy, endocrine dysfunction, or anything else that doesn’t quite feel right.


We will practice different breathing exercises together, and you will leave with a customized breathing plan to carry out at home. Our breath can be a powerful tool and ally in moving through life with more ease, clarity, energy, and joy.

$150 - Initial Visit 60 minutes

$75 - Follow-up Visit 30 minutes


8. Ayurvedic Sinus Therapy

An effective and ancient herbal therapy that can help clear residual congestion post-Covid or other upper respiratory infection, including recurrent sinusitis; combining the powerful therapies of nasya (administering herb-infused oil through the nose), herbal steam inhalation, and facial massage. This treatment can help cleanse and reestablish balance in the physical and energetic pathways above the shoulders, including the nose, sinuses, and even the brain, as the medicinal herbs are able to cross the spongy cribriform plate into your brain. Many patients experience immediate relief from congestion, sinus pressure, brain fog, headaches, jaw tension, and general nervous system tension.


This service is not to be performed during acute infection.

$165 60 minute treatment


9. Balance: Reiki & Chakra Energy Work

This subtle energy work is an excellent compliment for patients wanting to make in-roads into their health. During Chakra Balancing you will have the opportunity to address whatever areas you’d like to focus on, such as health, psychology, or relationships. Patients often experience a surprising, transformative, and lasting peace.

$150 60 minute treatment


10. Ayurvedic Deep Dive

Combine 3-8 weekly ketamine assisted dives and integration series with the foundational impact of Ayurvedic medicine by adding diet and lifestyle consultations for the daily life + Ayurvedic bodywork to deepen each weekly ketamine session.

$4050 Includes Initial Consult, Three Dives, Three Integrations, Three Abhyanga Massages, Lifestyle Eval, Follow ups

$850 Subsequent Dive, Integration, Abhyanga Massage (for former treatment recipients)

Click these tabs to explore more of what this Deep Dive includes:

Pouring Massage Oil

Typically Successive Weekly Sessions:

Each session typically done weekly and includes:

  • 2 hour Ketamine assisted dive

  • 50 minute integration session with Gillian Ehrlich, DNP, ARNP

  • 60 minute Abhyanga, Ayurveda’s traditional warm oil massage


Integration must be scheduled when the ketamine session is scheduled and occur within 72 hours.


If more than six months goes by between sessions an additional 30 minute follow up medical consultation is required ($300).

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