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The Art & Science of Personalized Medicine

Dr. Gillian Ehrlich speaks with Dawn Ipsen, Owner and Pharmacist of Clark Compounding Pharmacy. They discuss the topic of compounding medicine and personalised solutions as the key component of any modern medical practice. 


Gillian talks about how the definition of Medicine has changed over time & how Ayurveda will recognise the practice, the substances, and the spiritual aspects of medicine as being all inherently relevant to ones health and medical care. 


Heal Your Neurology with Ayurvedic, Conventional and Functional Medicine

Sarah Kruse interviews Dr. Ehrlich on how Neuroveda patients are equipped to reach their optimal state of healing and clarity of mind.

Is Juicing an Extreme Fad Diet? A Doctor's Response

Dr. Ehrlich was featured in the Tracy Anderson Magazine's Reinvention Issue for her juice recipes.


"In the past six months, I have tested new ways to make juicing with zero waste. I made a deal with my neighbor, a master gardener, to give him all my pulp for some soil for spring planting. The pulp is perfect for this and worms love it as it's easy for them to eat. I have also explored using pulp in food like soups and pasta, in natural cleaners, and even in invigorating face masks.


What was first a simple act of juicing to add more phytonutrients to my diet has now become a playful approach to how I digest life. It's kept me recharged and connected to my food, body, and community.


In addition to the beauty of these creations, we are fortunate to have PURE Juicer's medical advisor and ayurvedic specialist, Gillian Ehrlich, ARNP, DNP, to help highlight the health benefits of these recipes." ~Tracy Anderson


Is Juicing an Extreme Fad Diet? A Doctor's Response

In response to this piece about juicing on, Gillian discusses whether or not juicing is for everyone.

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Energy, Cognition and Brain Health

The Institute for Functional Medicine requested Dr. Ehrlich speak with Dr. Wilner on important topics relevant to their 30 Year Celebration. 

All Things Ayurveda

Dr. Ehrlich on The Lab Report podcast, presented by Genova Diagnostics. Dr. Ehrlich discusses the principles of Ayurveda. We learn how she puts science and art together toward practicing true transformational medicine.


5 With Dr Li: Multi-System Complex Neuro-Inflammation... 5 Words To Know!

Watch Dr. Li & Gillian Ehrlich, DNP team up for an IG Live Event!

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