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Jullianna Giles, ND, MSAS

Naturopathic Physician, with a Masters in Ayurveda

Integrative Oncology

Canabis Science


Ketamine Therapies

Conditions Dr. Gilles Treats:

  • Cancer (integrative oncology, in conjunction with medical oncology)

  • Multisystem Complex and Chronic Diseases

  • Lifecycle Medicine

  • Medicine for the Mind and Head

  • Neuroinflamatory Conditions (often in conjunction with your local neurologist)

  • Gut Health

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Treatment Philosophy

Over 400 years ago, alchemist and physician Paracelsus said, “All substances are poisons; there is none that is not a poison. The right dose differentiates a poison from a remedy.” Similarly, the sutras of Ayurveda state, “Everything can be medicine; everything can be poison.” This, in essence, is my treatment philosophy. To me, integrative medicine represents the potent alchemy between rigorous, pioneering scientific research and the quiet, ageless wisdom of traditional medical systems. This admixture provides modern medicine with the most effective therapies available. I work collaboratively with medical providers of all disciplines in solidarity and service to the patient in front of me.


As a naturopathic and Ayurvedic physician, I utilize the power of nature to facilitate intrinsic healing processes, addressing the root causes of imbalance in the body-mind-spirit. By diving deep, we expose the underlying roots of distress in order to uproot and fully eradicate (or integrate) them. Through the lens of psychoneuroimmunology and psychoneuroendocrinology, I take a top-down approach, focusing on the nervous system as the conduit, the master regulator of all other regulatory systems within the body. This is transformative medicine.


Health is our greatest asset, and often the most elusive. As a teacher, I collaborate with every one of my patients, always facilitating greater awareness and understanding. The Path to Self-discovery (and recovery) can be lonely; I’m here so you don’t have to go it alone. I am simply a guide, a friend, a signpost along the Path of your own healing journey… your journey home. When we discover how to follow our own inner compass, healing becomes limitless. Freedom — liberation from suffering — is the ultimate goal, and we can go so much farther when we walk together.


Julianna Giles, ND, MSAS, is an attending specializing in Ayurvedic medicine, naturopathic oncology, endocrinology, chronic infections and psychoneuroimmunology, medical Cannabis, entheogens, and medicinal mushrooms. Her experience includes psychedelic-assisted therapy and outcomes research. Dr. Giles is a core lecturer for the Academy of Cannabis Science and the lead formulator for Polite, a medical Cannabis company. Most importantly, Dr. Giles provides trauma-informed care. 


Dr. Giles graduated from a two-year NMSE-accredited residency at the AIMS Institute in Seattle in 2021 and is currently awaiting FABNO licensing exams. She graduated from Bastyr University with a Masters of Science in Ayurvedic Sciences in 2018 and a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine in 2019; at Bastyr, she received additional training in integrative oncology, mind-body medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, and IV therapy.  


Dr. Giles earned a BA in Languages and Cultures of Asia from the University of Wisconsin Madison, focusing her studies on Indian and Southeast Asian religions with a special emphasis on Sanskrit language. While at UW Madison, she researched medicinal mushrooms and medical Cannabis as adjunctive cancer therapies, as well as the neurological effects of mindfulness at the Wisconsin Institute for Sleep and Consciousness. Dr. Giles recevied her Naturopathic Doctor degree from Bastyr University, and holds a Master's in Ayurveda. With over 1,008 hours of yoga training, Dr. Giles is certified in Ayurvedic yoga therapy, Prana Flow, and kundalini yoga. In her free time, she practices yoga daily, is passionate about plant-based cooking, and loves exploring the wild Pacific Northwest.

Price of Consultation and Treatment Plan

Initial visit - $600 for 90 minutes  |  Follow up visit - $400 hourly

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