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Hannah (She/Her) is a Registered Nurse who joined our clinic in June of 2023. She earned her Nursing degree from New England Institute of Technology and BSN from Southern New Hampshire University.  She has spent her last six years working in many different nursing fields. She started as a medical-surgical RN in Rhode Island and then became a Travel Nurse working throughout Massachusetts and Washington state. She most recently worked in the Medical-Oncology Intensive Care Unit at the University of Washington. 


After spending years caring for acute illness in hospitals, Hannah felt the call to work with patients in more pro-active and health-oriented environment. She transitioned to our practice because she is passionate about utlizing all tools--conventional, integrative, Naturopathic & Ayurvedic, to care for patients with chronic complex diseases and prefers to focus on longevity care and quality of life. At our clinic, you’ll see Hannah delivering treatments in our IV Lounge, for plasmapheresis and stem cell therapies and she supports clinicians and patients with ongoing care needs like refills, prior authorizations and placing referrals. If you have acute concerns, you may also hear from Hannah first to acutely triage and respond to your needs. 


To further her commitment to holistic healing, this fall she embarks on a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) program at the University of Washington. She is interested to continue working with vulnerable populations, psychedelic therapies, chronic illness and palliative care as a future Nurse Practitioner. 


Outside of work Hannah enjoys spending time in nature. She loves rock climbing, hiking, backpacking and spending time on the water. 

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